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Get your Caricature Avatars from photo’s here

Top Class digitally hand drawn Caricatures drawn from your photos. Simply by sending several portrait pictures, you will be Face-tooned into an original caricature. A perfect new Avatar for Social Media or a Fun Alternative to the Corporate Headshot profile Picture at work and as its it Digital it can be printed on anything from Mugs, Badges through to T-shirts the possibilities are endless.
Prices are per person, and are draw individually, but couples can be put together as well. In you mention this in the order form, this can be done at no extra charge.
harry hill black and white caricature
harry hill as a colour caricature

How it Works

1 – Gather all the photo’s that you need, 3 or 4 are sufficient and if I need more I will email you.

2 – Fill in the order form, attach the photos and press submit.

3 – This will take you to the payment page for secure payment.

On the order form I have included a space for confirmation of eye colour and hair colour. This is because however professional the photo is, sometimes it is difficult to check from the photo alone. Your digital Caricature will be completed within 2 weeks depending on the work schedule. However, if you have a special deadline to meet please use the message box to inform me so that I can do my best to meet it. If there is a problem with attaching your photos then please continue the process and email them afterwards to

Caricatars are emailed as High Res JPG for you to print.

T&C’s for Caricatars

simon cowell surrounded by social media icons
Caricatar montage

Photo Requirements

To produce the best likeness of the person, photo’s need to be clear and good quality, and below are a few tips to help you with your photo selection-

Good Photo’s:-
High Resolution, eye’s visible. hairstyle clear, a three quarter pose (which is not a front or side on pose) a natural expression. Ideally it’s better for the person to be smiling but if they are not smiley people that is fine.

Bad Photo’s:-
Try and avoid sunglasses unless there really trendy, no hats, no long distance and blurry faces.

Digital hand drawn Cartoon Avatar – head and shoulders caricature. Great for either personal or business use showing your identity and individuality, also a fun present for those are are difficult to buy for!

Your Avatar is email to you with no copyright, its totally yours and can be used on the web and printed on anything.

images of good and bad photos for a digital caricature

Avatar Digital Caricature Gallery

The following caricatures are all recent digital avatar caricatures drawn on the ipad, no preliminary drawings. keeping it simply and fun.

Brendan O'Carroll caricature mrs brown's boys
Graham Norton Caricature
Jessica Knappett Caricature
Jurgen Kloop  caricature liverpool fc manager caricature
Dina Asher Smith Caricature
philip schofield caricature
Michael Whitehall caricature
zoe wanamaker caricature
claudia winkleman caricature bbc cartoon
bill bailey caricature