Caricature Gallery

digital caricature of the artist himself

Caricature Gallery / Pictures

Take a look below for a selection of hand drawn and digital caricatures.

Hand Drawn Caricature Gallery

The following caricatures are all hand drawn using pen and paper. This is the most popular (and traditional) approach.

pooja and sandip holding their caricature
Sun burnt Jamie and Daisy handle their caricature
Big muscles on Georges caricature
Dave and Debs hold their caricature
guys holds his caricature at summer garden party
Carla and Ryan show off their caricature
Harry Hill look alike in his caricature
Amazon warehouse worker is surprised to see a caricaturist in a hard hat
Dressed up smart wedding guest get cartooned
a caricature for Nicco
Nigerian Wedding and this woman gets a caricature
exaggerated nose for Alex's caricature

Digital Caricature Gallery

The following caricatures are all digitally cartooned straight onto tablet. 

couple captured together in a digital caricature perfect wedding invitations
Magician michael m fitch in a caricature
lord of the rings and the hobbit caricature

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