Caricature videos of me in action

david groves the wedding cartoonist

Caricature Videos mostly recorded by guests

March 2018 - Digital Caricature

Recorded and speeded up

One Giant Leap for Wedding Entertainment

This captures a Golden moment when the caricature is revealed to a group of Wedding Guests on the Balcony at Skylark Country Club in Portsmouth 2017. Thats why its good to have video camera handy sometimes

More 2016 Wedding Footage Montage

This is a 1 minute video. Capturing footage of caricatures in action and people's reaction at differents venue's. Oaks Farm in Croydon and Southdown Manor near Petersfield.

2016 Wedding footage Montage

This is a 3 minutes video. I've tried to capture the moment when the caricatures are reveals and the people's reaction -  The Best bit 🙂

Moneyfield Social Club Bash

Footage taken by a onlooker moments before there was a powercut and out went the lights and music!

Wedding on Hayling Isalnd 2015

This video was recorded by Videography - Nick Bates who very kindly a year later sent it to me. I was thrilled with it.

2015 Wedding Footage Montage

This is a 3 minute video. This is a collect of video footage of caricatures in action and people's reaction. Unfortunately the video quantity isn't the best. I've bought a better camera since then.

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