House Stark

House Stark

Wednesday, 30th October, 2019

Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark is played by the lovely Sophie Turner.Sansa starts as a child growing up in Winterfell with all the other Stark children. Through grim experiences she matures to become a true player in the Game of Thrones, I honestly thought she would be crowned Queen of the seven kingdoms by the end. Some of my favourite series in Game of Thrones is when she is betrothed to the truly wicked King Joffrey. Then Sansa is then married to the sadist Ramsey Bolton, a marriage brokered by the equally wicked Peter Baelish. All of them are killed in the end and Sansa gets the last laugh on all of them. Truly revenge is a dish served cold in Game of Thrones.

caricature of Sansa Stark acted by Sophie Turner

Arya Stark

Arya Stark is played by Maisie Williams. She is a proper tomboy and the complete opposite to Sansa Stark, however like Sansa, Arya also shared terrible tragic experiences. Arya Stark verbalises a list of all the people she wants to assassinate throughout Game of Thrones. She is fiercely independent and left to fend for herself a lot of the time. Arya also has to hide her identity, when on her travels for her own safely. The time she spends with the Hound on her travels is also an interesting relationship.

Caricature of Arya Stark acted by Maisie Williams

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