Wedding Entertainment

Why not try something completely different and invite me to charm your wedding guests with live on the spot caricatures.


It breaks and ice and raises hoots of laughter during the wedding lulls.It fits in well throughout the day and I have highlighted two sessions I can recommend:-


Straight after the ceremony and into the pre drinks, it’s a good time for me to mingle and draw whilst photo’s are being taken, then proceeding into and over the meal time. I ought to add, that no guests have to hold a define pose and can blissfully continue eating and chatting. This period is an excellent time for me to capture the bride and groom, and other important wedding party members, i.e, the bridesmaids, ushers and parents as they maybe on the top table together.


The evening session is more straightforward, as guests start to let the hair down and waistcoats become unbuttoned. I'll be ready to start after the speeches whilst the venue is being prepared for the evening celebrations and then I can continue - however late you want me.Within 3 hours I’d be able to do 40 caricatures!, so there will be ample opportunity for those who want a caricature to have one. Its great wedding Entertainment.

Wedding Caricaturist

For the afternoon session I adopt my approach according the space and seating of the venue, either I fit into gaps with a stall and draw guests on the tables or I’ll stand up and do it. Also for the evening I either hop around the tables or I'll pull up some chairs and let down the anchor, and sometimes a bit of both

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Look forward to hearing from you.

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David Groves the caricaturist smiling for the camera whilst drawing
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