Digital Caricatures from Photo's

Each 'Caricatar' is £15.00 each

How it works -

1. Gather all the photo's that you need.
2.Fill in the form on the left side of the page,and press submit.
3.Knowing how many caricatures you are ordering, then pay safe and securely via Paypal. You don't need a Paypal account to pay via Paypal. All caricatures are completed after payment.

On the order form I have included a space for confirmation of Eye color and Hair color. This is becasue however pro the photo is, sometimes it doesn't always look correct in the picture. Your digital Caricature will be completed within 1 week depending on the work schedule but if you have special deadlines to meet please use the message box to inform me off this so your deadline can be met.

Photo Requirements

To produce the best likeness of the person, photo's need to be clear and good quality, and below are a few tips to help you with your photo selection-

Good Photo's:-

High Resolution, eye's visible. hairstyle clear, a three quarter pose (which is not a front or side on pose) a natural expression. Ideally it's better for the person to be smiling but if they are not smiley people that is fine.

west sussex caricaturist caricatures

Bad Photo's:-

Try and avoid sunglasses unless there really trendy, no hats, no long distance and blurry faces.

west sussex caricaturist caricatures

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